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Happy fall, y'all! The PAA team wishes you a wonderful start to the new season!

Image credit: Courtesy: Autumn copyright 2001 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / David Guinn, 629 South 9th Street. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

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ICYMI: Last week PAA unveiled the 2nd edition of Have You Seen My Public Art? Map! Created by artist @karafellows, the map features 144 artworks by 176 artists!

Explore the interactive map: #MakePublicArtMorePublic #PutAPinInIt #PublicArtArchive
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In celebration of PAA’s Have You Seen My Public Art? map’s 10th anniversary, we created a 2nd edition! The new map, illustrated by @karafellows, highlights a diverse range of public artworks across the country.

Read all about it: #MakePublicArtMorePublic
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