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Thrilled to be a part of this great group of CollectionSpace presenters on the panel: The Power of Consortia at ARLIS/NA 50th Annual Conference @sched

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Wonder Wander (2010) by Larry Kirkland. Arlington, VA. Arlington County Collection. Photo courtesy of Arlington County Staff.

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There's still time to apply for our coordinator position! Although the position is remote, applicants will only be considered if they reside in Colorado.

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Deadline: January 5, 2022

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PAA provides free and low-cost resources for the public art field. Built for artists, administrators, consultants, planners, educators, and researchers, audiences of all ages and backgrounds can engage with our services.

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Happy Wednesday!

Red Stix (2012) by Konstantin Dimopoulos. Seattle, WA. American Life, Inc. Collection. Photo courtesy of Graham Syed.

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