The Coalescence is coming to downtown Coral Springs, Florida! This new interactive public art sculpture by artist William Nemitoff will allow people to sit, stand or jump on its leaves, according to the design. Check it out! #PublicArt #FloridaPublicArt PAArchive photo

”Port of Call: Earth” by Joe Scarpa

Southside Park, 2115 6th St., Sacramento, California

modified Curitss Wright Travel Trailer

Photo courtesy of the City of Sacramento, CA

Check out Sacramento’s public art collection on the Public Art Archive!

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Soft Cycle (2005) by Brad Howe. Sunnyvale, CA. Sunnyvale Public Art, Sunnyvale Public Art in Private Development.

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Denver's public art scene is growing and we couldn't be more excited! Check out the newest public art pieces that have been added to Denver in the first half of 2021. @Denverite #DenverPublicArt #PublicArt #MakePublicArtMorePublic #PublicArtArchive PAArchive photo

New feature alert! PAA is pleased to announce the launch of collection-specific web apps. Make your public art collection even easier (and more fun!) to explore. Get in touch today!

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A Path Through the Trees (2009) by Satoru Abe. Kahului, HI. Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

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